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Finches Study Courtship Songs

Finches Learn Courtship Songs

Male zebra finches learn their courtship songs from their fathers. Now, a new study details the precise changes in brain circuitry that occur during that process. As a young male listens to his father’s song, networks of brain cells are activated that the younger bird will use later to sing the song himself, researchers have

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Constructing A “Hen”

Building A “Bird”

Miniature flying robots have come a long way in the last few years. But when it comes to dealing with the unpredictable world around them, man-made flying machines still have a long way to go to match nature’s impressive creations, birds.

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Constructing Belief First Step To Coaching Your Parrot

Building Trust First Step To Training Your Parrot

Most of our pets usually liked to be stroked from the top of their heads down towards their tails. Your dog or cat may respond by cuddling up closer, rolling over for a belly rub or relaxing and falling asleep. Usually when we touch a parrot in this manner the bird either tries to escape,

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